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Ivan Falardi - Let's Light, la grammatica della luce - The grammar of light Thu 13 December 2018 - Thu 31 January 2019

His is a work about photo time, on the length of the photographic pose that is an integral part of his career.  Falardi is a man who comes from the world of cinema and in each of his pictures, this issue seems to be evident. Graduated in Philosophy in the Seventies, with a thesis on the Hungarian director Miklós Jancsó, of who he was the assistant for a certain time, the artist over time focused on cinematographic direction. During the years dedicated to the movie, photography was an accessory, but constant tool in his travels. At a certain point of his path, the 25 frames per second don’t seem to be enough for him any longer, and the director feels the need to deal with the single frame. So, since 2013, he has dedicated himself to photography through light painting. “This is the most appropriate language to investigate the search for eidolon, the object of vision the artist would like to highlight through his work. Dark is eidos, the object of knowledge through which the photographer explores the potential of signs, shapes, lights, colours” as the artist himself declares. Photography becomes the privileged medium for expressing himself, a medium capable of sacrificying reality according to its hidden - probable and indecipherable – sides, but not for this reason less revealing or evocative. “Given the nature of its gesture, the camera does not simply record an event, but its consequences. That is, the photographer can devote himself to the camera game, exploiting its peculiarities” points out Angela Madesani in her text in the catalogue. The gallery exhibits large format works taken from some series of works developed in the latest years, from The belly of the Elephant to Timeless and Grammar of light, the latter giving the title to the exhibition.