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Art Verona Fri 12 October 2018 - Mon 15 October 2018

As authoritative point of reference in the world of contemporary art and in the European fair sector, ArtVerona is a compact and accomplished event that is attractive for its location, the quality of its offering and its relational vocation. Nomen omen. And with a “slow” approach, inclined towards research and experimentation. Under the artistic direction of Adriana Polveroni for the second year running, ArtVerona is consolidating its position, confirming its commitment to supporting an alternative kind of fair that is distinctive for its support of a new generation of collectors and for its promotion of the Italian art system, as proven by “#backtoitaly”, the event’s payoff that this year presents the theme “Utopia” as a horizon for reflection.

145 is the number of galleries selected to further define the specificity of the two pavilions: one with a net inclination towards historically contextualised post-World War 2 artists, and the other dedicated to new generation artists. 6 is the number of exhibition sections, reproposing Grand Tour, where the focus on Italy is revealed in the works of Italian artists or in an overview of our situation; Raw Zone, essential spaces for one show; Scouting, a research area hosting more complex projects; i9 – Spazi Indipendenti (Independent Spaces), a format dedicated to collectives and non-profit organisations engaged in contemporary art languages, and Main Section, focused on mid-career artists, as well as on Maestros and on the younger artists;